Your Personal 

Relocation Support Team 

so you can focus on what's most important

The Downsizing Made Easy Method®

When you hire OKC Mature Moves, you can simply say to your friends and family, "I've got people!"


  • Pre-move preparations (sorting, organizing, and selecting items to be moved)

  • Coordinating professional packing and moving services (local or interstate)

  • Resettling (unpacking and making your new house a home)

  • Locating and coordinating liquidation solutions (estate sales, donations, shipping)

  • Cleaning and "make ready" services to prepare your home for sale 

Where most move management companies only handle the first three tasks, OKC Mature Moves sees the project through using our exclusive Downsizing Made Easy Method® developed by our founder, Dr. Nikki Buckelew. 

Say GOOD-BYE overwhelm and HELLO simplicity!

Of course you've accumulated a lot of personal treasures over the years! It’s just part of living a long and memorable life!


While downsizing may require letting go of "stuff" it also means hanging on to what matters most. Our expert move managers can either work right alongside you OR provide support from a distance - whatever you need.


You're in charge! But remember, you've also "got people!"

Step by Step Downsizing Support

to make your new space feel just like home

maximizing your return on investment 

Home Sale  Resources

Certified Senior Housing Professionals - At your service

Our team works together with Buckelew Realty Group of Keller Williams Platinum

Together OKC Mature Moves and Buckelew Realty Group can help you get what all homeowners want and need:

  • The most money for their home

  • Shortest time on the market possible

  • Few (if any) hassles or problems

With move manage support you've "got people" but when you add real estate support, you've got "even more people."


Every person and every situation is unique. That is why our team of Downsizing Coaches approach your move by first learning about your goals and expectations. Once we know a bit about you, we can work together to create a strategy to minimize hassle, maximize your equity, and save you and your family time and effort.


Sometimes we can provide guidance over the phone, but most often, a personal visit is the better option. This is why we offer complimentary, no-hassle consultations. And when we say 'no-hassle', we mean it.


We want to understand your goals, answer your questions, and provide you with solutions. After we've had a chance to get to know each other, you'll know if it makes sense for you to hire us -- now or down the road. Either way, we're here to help! 

Call us at 405.563.7101 or complete the form below.  

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