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Moving Stories

From those who have made the move to downsize and simply enjoy life!



After Bob’s wife passed away, he found himself in a home that was much larger than he needed or wanted. Not only was there an entire second floor that he never used, the two-acre property was becoming unmanageable. Missing the companionship of his wife and the partnership they shared related to household chores, he made the decision to relocate to a senior living community.

“The decision was easy,” Bob said. “I was looking forward to moving to an active community and a smaller place, but I was not really sure where to begin and the downsizing process felt a bit overwhelming. The community representative said that OKC Mature Moves would know exactly what I needed. They were right.”

Bob’s daughters were very supportive and wanted to help. With hectic lives of their own, however, the thought of tackling the move and all the tasks associated with it was daunting. Where would they find the time?


“OKC Mature Moves was an answer to a prayer,” said Marisa (Bob’s daughter). “Our move managers told us to focus our attention on spending quality time with Dad and leave the rest to them, so we did. They worked tirelessly to ensure every detail was attended to and before we knew it, Dad was packed, moved, resettled, and enjoying his new community. They even coordinated with licensed realtors who were certified as senior housing professionals to get the home sold. I didn’t really know that real estate agents were different, but it turns out they really are.”

Bob now spends the majority of his time doing what he loves most — woodcarving. A master woodcarver, Bob moved nearly 100 prized wood carvings with him to his new apartment.



In need of support with caregiving tasks, Mr. Crowley made the choice that he and his wife would move to a nearby retirement community. Recent declines in Mrs. Crowley’s health required that his time and energy be spent on her, leaving little time for household tasks and home maintenance.
“We should have made the move sooner, but we put it off. My wife didn’t really want to move, but we didn’t have a choice.”
With experience and training related to cognitive impairment and dementia, we knew that prolonging the process would only cause increased anxiety for Mrs. Crowley. So, together with the Crowley’s son and daughter-in-law, our team went to work. When the Crowley’s arrived at their new apartment at the end of the day, it was completely set up and looked virtually identical to the home they had left only a few hours before.
“They were simply angels. Together with our real estate agents at Buckelew Realty Group, they meticulously placed our things in a way that made our new apartment feel like home. Their sensitivity to our situation and the special care they showed made our transition much easier and less stressful.”



Struggling to stay active and independent despite mobility challenges, Virginia made a decision to relocate to a continuing care retirement community (CCRC). She knew that by making this decision early on and on her own, her family would not be burdened by future care needs. The decision to move wasn’t an easy one, but even more challenging was making decisions about the many sentimental personal possessions she’d accumulated in her home of many years.

“My attic was full of toys from when my children were small, family heirlooms from my mother, sister, and grandparents, and a variety of things I had not seen in years.”

Supporting Virginia’s desire to say goodbye to the decades of treasures and allowing her family to do the same,



family to do the same, Downsizing Coach with OKC Mature Moves assisted her with sorting and sifting, planning and positioning. Donations were delivered, boxes were organized, and ongoing regular emotional encouragement was in abundant supply as she dealt with the many feelings associated with saying goodbye.The

OKC Mature Moves team was always there for me — all of them. I never felt alone and I never felt rushed. They simply let me take it at my own pace, honoring my decisions and giving me space when I needed it. When I was ready to schedule the move, an estate sale, and the sale of my home they knew exactly who to call and what steps to take. It was all handled professionally and lovingly.”


"Savings of Several Thousand Dollars"

Janie and Darrell heard our team speak about downsizing at a local senior living community. They were instantly excited about the idea of someone helping them organize the details of their move.

“We had been trying to get moved for several months,” Janie said. “Before being introduced to OKC Mature Moves, I even paid several thousand dollars to a company from Dallas to help clear out excess clutter because I was so overwhelmed. I was even a little embarrassed.”

By walking the Morrow’s through the steps in the Downsizing Made Easy Method, we were able to get them moved in a much shorter timeframe than they ever expected.

What they thought would take 6-12 months only took us 6 weeks. Within 2 months time they were moved, unpacked, resettled, and their home was empty and on the market.

“I am not sure what we would have done without our move managers and real estate agents. They not only made our move more manageable, but we suspect they saved us several thousand dollars in the process. When they say they want people to be overjoyed and not overwhelmed, they really mean it.”



A spry 97 years young, Helen had lived in her home for over 50 years. A widow, she relied on her son and daughter-in-law, who lived locally, for things like household support, trips to the store, and rides to the doctor. Unfortunately, however, she found that she lacked the social engagement that she was accustomed to.

“I used to know all my neighbors. We were like family. Many of them have died and several moved away to be near their kids. It gets lonely living here by myself with no one to talk to or visit with.

Having been an avid gardener, Helen’s corner lot, complete with terraces of fruit trees and colorful seasonal foliage, was also more than she could manage. She had fallen a few times and said her kids were scared that she may hurt herself and end up in the hospital.

My kids thought it would be good I didn’t really want to move, but I also didn’t want them to worry.”

The community where Helen was moving recommended she and her kids meet with OKC Mature Moves. It was an instant match — Helen knew what she wanted to do and simply needed some additional support in doing it. With Helen’s guidance, we selected the most important items to be moved to her new place. Each item had a story and we loved hearing Helen tell us about each one. Once moved and resettled, she and her kids decided that the few items remaining would be donated to a local charity.

“The services offered by OKC Mature Moves made our lives and my mom’s much easier. You simply can’t put a price tag on the hours of personal time they spent with her, the patience, and the kindness shown. They did what sons can’t usually do and what daughters-in-law shouldn’t have to.”

Nan Scott

"It's like having a Personal Assistant"

Nan didn’t really want or need help moving. Fiercely independent and totally capable, Nan told us after our initial consultation that she had decided to handle her own move. A minimalist with seemingly only a small move ahead of her, she insisted it wasn’t about the money, but rather she just couldn’t imagine that she would need that much help.

“I have been doing things myself my entire life. This move didn’t appear to be any different than the ones I had made before. What I didn’t take into consideration is that I wasn’t as young as I used to be.”

A few weeks after our first meeting, Nan called our office and asked if we were still willing to help her with the move and liquidation process. Our biggest task was finding a new home for her baby grand piano that would not make the move. Through online resources, we were able to facilitate a donation to a local church that was happy to have it.

“What I realized was that I could have done it on my own. But having help, the process went much more smoothly and I was far less stressed. Within a couple of days, my apartment was completely unpacked and items were in their place. My move manager disposed of the boxes, arranged for donations, and took the keys to my real estate agent. It was like having a personal move assistant who knew exactly what I needed each step of the way.”

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