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For over two decades we’ve worked with seniors and senior communities. Our streamlined process is guided by a simple idea: When downsizing, our clients should be overjoyed, not overwhelmed. Every moving story deserves a happy ending like a recent one shared below.

Eloise and Robert

After celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary and enjoying retirement, life was good. Enough money to live comfortably, travel a bit, time for the grandkids and a home without a mortgage were sweet rewards they’d worked hard for. But life had other plans.

Robert was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. Eloise did all she could but soon realized her inability to manage the household and Robert’s treatment regimen as his condition worsened. He bristled, understandably, when she mentioned moving to a nearby life plan community, but agreed to explore downsizing. It made sense.

One visit to a nearby senior living community changed everything. Robert feared a dreary place, like where his father had spent his last days. Happily, this was not the case! “I felt like I was at a nice hotel where I was a valued guest. People were active and the staff was very friendly.”

End to End Support

When the community-recommended OKC Mature Moves, the goal was to make the process as turnkey as possible. They knew our team would go beyond the expected; organizing pre-move details, coordinating and overseeing the actual move, helping to settle in, and helping dispose of what they no longer needed. Working closely with their new community, they moved with less stress, fully supported before, during and after.

Now happily settled in their new place, Eloise and Robert enjoy outings with friends, new hobbies, and an easier-to-manage home. Robert does only what he enjoys and doesn’t miss household chores. Eloise happily fills her days cooking (for fun!), painting, volunteering, Facebooking, and visiting grandkids. Best of all, they were able to continue with a Friday evening tradition of watching classic movies together.

Happy New Beginnings

Every moving story deserves a happy ending followed by a Happy New Beginning, and we look forward to helping you create yours!

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Nikki Buckelew

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